Product groups

  • systems for automatic controlling of gas installations and gas facilities
  • equipment and systems for measuring gas quantity and quality
  • gas regulating and measuring stations
  • cut-off and relief valve systems
  • pig launchers/receivers
  • filters, dust and liquid separators
  • pressure and non-pressure tanks
  • heat exchangers
  • odorizing systems
  • odorant distribution
  • biogas conditioning technologies
  • CNG filling technologies

Gas stations

Gas stations are facilities are assemblies of  devices  that have at least one of the following functions:

  • conditioning
  • reducing and regulating pressure
  • measuring
  • and gas distribution

Stations can be divided into: reducing, measuring, and reducing-regulating stations. Depending on the level of the amount of reduction between the upstream and downstream pressure there are:

  • gas stations for transmission and distribution
  • gas stations for connection points

Our gas station are designed using industry-standard software (INVENTOR, AUTOCAD, VVD, LAUTERBACH) basing  on the requirements included in:

  • Ordinance of the Minister of Economy
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC)
  • individually defined customer requirement

You are welcome to find out more about our own design gas heating system - THERMOSMARTLINE.

Biomethane stations

Our biomethane injection installations are assemblies of devices that adjust the heating value of biogas to the natural gas heating value. Through this process, it becomes possible to inject biogas into the distribution network of the natural gas.


BIOMETHANE INJECTION - Information leaflet 

CNG Stations

We offer compact filling stations for motor vehicles powered by natural gas (CNG). Our portfolio includes technologies both for natural gas compression and its distribution.

Pressure vessels

They are vessels for pressures higher than the atmospheric pressure. We manufacture the following pressure equipment:

  • separators – designed for cleaning gas of liquid particles
  • filters – designed for cleaning gas of solid particles
  • dust and liquid separators – compact devices connecting functions of filters and separators
  • heat exchangers – for gas heating
  • filter heat exchangers – compact devices for gas cleaning and heating
  • pig launchers/receivers – stations for launching and receiving inspection gauges
  • dehydrators – designed for eliminating liquid particles in gas pipeline
  • condensate vessels – used for storing condensates
  • custom-manufactured vessels according to the individual customer needs

The produced pressure vessels such as filters and receiving stations are equipped with produced and designed by us safety slam shuts. Our designs and calculations are made using industry-standard software:INVENTOR, AUTOCAD, VVD, LAUTERBACH. All equipment that we manufacture hold a CE marking and is approved by Notified Bodies e.g. UDT, TÜV.

Non-pressure and pressure vessels

They are vessels whose pressure is equal or slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure. We produce the vessels to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Gas odorizing units

Equipment used for odorizing a scentless gas fuel. There are two types of odorizing:

  • contact odorizing - through a direct contact of the gas fuel with an odorizing agent (THT - tetrahydrotiofen)
  • injection odorizing - using injection technologies, in which a measured dose of odorant is is injected into the flowing fuel

You are welcome to learn more more about the designed by us

Automation and electronic equipment

In the fields of automation and electronics, we specialize mainly in the design and manufacturing of:

  • installations for gas facilities
  • C&I cabinets
  • electrical switchgear
  • telemetric system
  • controllers for automatic boiler houses and odorizing systems
  • SCADA systems

The offered systems are designed for collecting, controlling and remote data transfer. On the one hand they are a part of other products, on the other hand they constitute independently functioning systems.

In the field of automation, we design and create documentation using the EPLAN P8 software.

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cGAS controls is a team of processionals whose core competence is passion. Our company operates in the natural gas, biogas and CNG markets. Thanks to our unique know-how we can offer our Partners both finished and custom-designed solutions to match your individual requirements.


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