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THERMOSMARTLINE™ is a modern, flexible gas heating system dedicated for gas stations. It is a complementary system combining hydraulics, boilers and control system. It may be implemented in all gas stations that require heating of gas before reduction of the pressure.


The basis of the created by us system is the use of boilers working in a cascade arrangement. It includes two control systems:

  • a system of controlling the temperature of gas after reduction
  • a system of controlling the heating medium on the cascade outlet

Our policy is to maintain an individual approach to each Customer, therefore the system is each time adjusted to the needs of particular conditions of a gas station.


  • Automatic control
  • Manual control by means of a specially designed manual panel - necessary at start-up, during servicing and in emergency situations
  • Display of all required parameters and information about the system state
  • Remote monitoring and control (SCADA)
  • START-STOP function allowing stopping the operation and optimization of the system at small flows
  • Automatic or manual change of the sequence of the boilers working in the cascade - ensuring their even wear
  • Control of the efficiency of the working elements during the operation and on standby
  • Maintaining functioning of the system during power supply failure
  • Hot standby of the circulation pump (option)


THERMOSMARTLINE™ is a modern and and complementary gas heating system.
Low operation costs and safety guaranteed by the application of  THERMOSMARTLINE™ make it an effective solution for gas stations. 

Energy saving

  1. Reducing energy consumption thanks to:
    • use of boilers with an atmospheric burner
    • use of constant PID control
    • use of a circulation pump with an inverter in the downstream gas temperature regulation
  2. Elimination of the so-called "short-circulation" pumps by: 
    • using boilers that do not need maintaining minimal temperature of the heating agent on the back pressure

  3. Reduction of the consumption of electric energy for gas burners by:
    • maintaining the temperature of the cascade (boilers) at a minimum necessary level, depending on the station's current demand for heat energy

Gas saving

  1. More control by:
    • using constant regulation with PID controller in the circuit of downstream gas temperature regulation
  2. Decrease of boiler capacity by:
    • the use of the cascade setup of the boilers
  3. Prevention of the gravitational circulation of the heating medium:
    • the control of ball valves on the boiler return allows to maintain the desired gas temperature at low flow of the gas 
  4.  Elimination of the so-called "short-circulation" pumps by:
    • using boilers that do not need maintaining minimal temperature of the heating medium on the return
  5. Regulation of the gas temperature thanks to:
    • the use of a control system adjustable to the current gas temperature

Low operation costs

  • Reduction of the costs of the gas used for the heating system
  • Reduction of the costs of the electrical energy used for the heating system
  • Use of boilers that do not require for their operation periodic UDT controls (boilers of capacity below 70 kW)

Safety of operation

  • Capacity reserve in the cascade system (depending on the boiler capacity)
  • The implemented algorithms control the efficiency of the facilities during operation and on standby
  • Long time of battery standby in the case of a power failure
  • Hot standby of the circulation pump


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