a new definition of odorization

Inspired by modern technology, the innovative odorizing system ODORSMARTLINE™ is a safe and economical solution for odorizing various types of gases used in public networks.


The modern family of ODORSMARTLINE™ units is designed for various types of gases used in public networks. It includes:

  • contact odorizing units (conventional, non-electric)
  • advanced injection type odorizing units (ODORSMARTDEVICE™)

To guarantee safety and quick detection of gas installation leakage it is necessary to odorize the usually odorless gases.  The process of odorization consists in adding a specific amount of odorant into the gas installation.  The odorizing agent is injected in the amount providing a constant level of gas odorization irrespective of the gas flow volume in an installation.


  • Automatic control of the pump is correlated with the current gas flow rate
  • Manual control of the injection pump - is indispensable during a start-up or servicing
  • Monitoring of the most important parameters of the control panel
  • Automatic or manual change of concentration
  • Control using the  flow corrector or directly from the gas meter
  • Automatic operation with "winter/summer" metering systems
  • Possibility to use the controllers used in the majority of the injection odorizing units in the market
  • User-friendly touch panel operation


Low operation costs

  • The amount  of odorant adjusted to the current gas flow rate
  • Use of non-pressure tanks that are not subject to the UDT regulations for their operation
  • Modular structure allowing operation of a number of pumps for different directions of gas flow at one odorizing tank

Optimal amount of odorant

Ensures accuracy of dosing at different flow rates
Ensures constant control of the injected odorant depending on the gas flow rate
Level measuring probe
Ensures constant measuring of odorant in the vessel
Injection nozzle
Use of special sinter allows optimum evaporation of the odorant from the pipeline

Safety assurance

  • Storage tank
  • Remote transmission of alarm parameters
  • Alarm switch installed on the odorizing unit panel

Ideal adjustment

The main element of the injection type odorizing unit ODORSMARTDEVICE is a dosing pump that supplies odorant at various frequencies adjusted to the gas flow in the station. 

In order to achieve optimal pump operation it is necessary to apply odorizing unit controller that reads information on the flow volume from the corrector or gas meter and adjusts operation of the odorant injection to the gas flow volume in the station and maintains the density of the odorant in the gas.

ODORMACHINEINTERFACE controller is supplied in two variants:

  • on-the wall version: OMI-N
  • cabinet version 19”: OMI-R

Injection nozzle is each time adjusted to the pipe diameter which ensures optimal distribution of the odorant.


ODORSMARTLINE™ - information leaflet 

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